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Are you or a brand, an e-commerce business, or an SEO agency, needing quality link-building solutions? Backlink Monks has the perfect link-building recipe with all content marketing ingredients to draw and bind your target demographics to your business.

How Backlink Monks’ Team Helps Your Business

Improve Ranking

Working on the most important trust signals, Backlink Monks takes care of your brand and business’s credibility.

Targeted Traffic

Using natural, Google-friendly, and well-researched keywords, websites get better quality organic and referral traffic giving more potential conversions.

Build Brand

Our work is focused on bringing credibility to your brand through tailored link-building campaigns using white-hat inbound links in niche-relevant blogs.

Multiply Revenue

Backlink Monks’ work aims to increase your ROI using relevant niche-driven campaigns connected to your industry for definitely better business outreach.

Backlink Monks

Making Businesses Grow with Unique Strategies

As we connect your brand with thousands of influencers and bloggers, you get a targeted link acquisition from real blogs getting relevant traffic. This leads to adequate referral traffic to your website, helping to: 

Backlink Monks

Link Building for Brands

As the number of your brand mentions on popular blogs increases, you will gradually improve the website ranking in the SERPs. Our white hat services will lead to a steady increase in higher brand recognition and revenue. How?

Backlinks Monks

Link Building for Agencies

We’ll help you bridge gaps using our 100% white-label, white-hat customized services to increase SERP ranking. Our services are necessary to keep your customers happy.

We'll Work To Make You a Trustworthy Name in Your Niche.

Customized Services

Your business needs to be consumer-centric! The content you design needs to be around the customers’ preferences and suggestions. We work to place relevant keywords in your content to generate the maximum impact.

Faster Results

Backlink Monks’ services are related to in-house and provide for faster communication. Moreover, our coordination is superb. You just have to tell us what you want once, and we will accomplish it!

Build Readership

It is best to procure contextual backlinks. You also need niche-driven and relevant traffic. We can connect you with the real industry influencers and ensure that you get quality traffic.

Industry Expertise

Our departments collaborate to build our publishers’ database. We create genuine content while serving and keeping our clients happy for five years in a row.

Class Aptent


The team at Backlink Monks listens well and delivers what you expect of them. I am happy with their service quality and appreciate their commitment.  

Margaret Phillips


The team at Backlink Monks listens well and delivers what you expect of them. I am happy with their service quality and appreciate their commitment. 

Lawrence Mendez


What is Link Building?

Link building is related to intentional earning of the inbound links means that you need not get other websites to link back to your website. Marketers and business owners need to build links to drive referral traffic to improve a site’s authority. Quality backlinks will point to images, PDFs, images, and for different files where you need higher rankings. Link building is related to link creation from various domains pointing back to certain pages.

Here are some effective link-building methods that are very valuable and reliable as compared to others. The two methods of backlink building include:

Earning Links: Create top-quality content to earn links on your site so that people just want to include the link for the users in the content. For example, a detailed guide on a niche-specific topic for your original research content. The content gets a lot of inherent value from high-authority sources you would surely want to link with it. It will be a great advantage because these links seem to be natural to both search engines and users. It is just the best way to earn links and also offers you the best content marketing service companies. Use this method to achieve the link-building objectives. However, things are easier said than done, as quality content does not guarantee to give you the links you want to earn. 

Manually Link Building: Use several tactics of ink building for creating and distributing infographics for social media using the resource links on trusted sites, utilize the broken links strategy, create link-building roundups, and do more. There are a few techniques spamming on forums that many SEOs rely on. But, you run the risk of earning a penalty from search engines with such practices. This means that you will end up in a tight spot when the value of a link earned is negated. Instead, you should rely on using sophisticated techniques which deliver genuine value to the users. The technique offers benefits to the creators and users in teh same way while giving you the right opportunity to enhance your site’s authority and take care of different penalties. 

Significance of Link Building

Professional link building is an essential service. It makes ways for the search engines to find new web pages and also paves the right path for pages to rank higher in the SERPs. Without link building, you’re possibly missing a great deal of potential business. 

SEO Relevance. Link building helps you make the most of high-quality SEO marketing campaigns to help your business move further. It is necessary for you to understand what link building is and how you can use it.

It is hard to understand that you will get successful SEO results without using the apt white-hat link-building tactics. Search engines have two essential criteria to determine search rankings, including authority and relevance. Relevance means that your content should match the user’s intent. Keyword optimization strategies are related to complete relevance. Authority is the measure of your site’s trustworthiness. Mathematically, the PageRank system is related to the calculation of trustworthiness in Google searches. In other search engines, there are similar systems one can use. Wondering what PageRank is? Though it is a complex parameter with multiple aspects, you can understand it like this. A page’s trustworthiness gets measured with:

  • The number of links pointing to it.
  • The value of the links. 

The links on high-authority sources lead to a higher flow of authority as compared to the low-authority sources. Adding valuable links to your profile is vital to increasing your rankings. Building links consistently is indeed the right way to go.

Referral Traffic. So, how does link building help? Links facilitate navigation from one page to another for the users. With link building, users get more opportunities to see and click them, bringing more referral traffic to a site. Building valuable links on high-profile sources can give you a considerable increase in the number of direct visits per month to your website.

Exclusive Benefits: Building links gives a plethora of benefits. For example, just a brand mention in a top-rated article will bring you broad exposure even if people do not click on it. Building links help you get a lot of publication opportunities to boost your reputation or help you access more promotional options with your content.

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