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Link Building Service To Help You Achieve Your Goals!

Google’s search rankings are based greatly on the links and the content. A person has powerful content just like your competitors but does not give great search results. Link building is the most important thing for you. So, what does link building mean to you? It means that you should build links to get better RESULTS.

How Can We Deliver Great Results

Customized Campaigns

We can formulate and collaborate to deliver custom link-building campaigns that can perform exceptionally.

Improve the SERP

With top quality, do-follow backlinks for your website, you get outcomes for excellent SEO performance.

Bring You Revenue

Niche-relevant, high-quality backlinks make way for an enhanced SERP leading to higher website traffic and more conversions.

Outreach Target Audience

Authoritative websites foster your connection with the desired target audience.

A Straightforward & Clear Link Building Process!

Prospective Link Opportunities

When you have a list of authentic and trustworthy bloggers, they will help you target industry-relevant websites for content promotion. Backlink Monks works to improve your online presence as it gives you relevant link opportunities.

Create Editorial Content

Our in-house team helps create top-quality content after analyzing your website. Formulating magazine-style content for your site, we work to generate traffic and increase readership. We give you a dual benefit of creating and posting content!

Content Publication

We'll share helpful content for the manual outreach of bloggers. This helps you keep published content pieces with a do-follow link in a loop. We'll also note the need to follow up with the bloggers to carry out edits before and after publishing.

Reporting & Tracking

We'll deliver you a white-label report for the links we've built. It has information and the details of the links we made for you. And with our reporting, we'll also tell you about our plan for future work.


1 Account
$ 29
99 Month
  • 15 Accounts
  • 100 GB Space
  • 1 Domain Name


5 Account
$ 39
99 Month
  • 15 Accounts
  • 100 GB Space
  • 1 Domain Name


10 Account
$ 49
99 Month
  • 15 Accounts
  • 100 GB Space
  • 1 Domain Name

Why Choose Team Backlink Monks?

Guaranteed Satisfaction

In the end, we ensure that you're happy with the work we do. And we can keep the standards high post the delivery of your work!

Dedicated Account Manager

We realize the need of our privileged customers to stay informed well. And to this end, we'll have a dedicated account manager for you to handle all your queries and assure you of a superfast response rate.


Why Do Backlinks Count the Most in SEO?

Search engines like Google prioritize websites having high-quality inbound links and consider them and their pages to get a higher quality and user relevance. You can expect a higher search engine ranking for your website as you get a more significant number for such quality backlinks. This gives you an excellent advantage for a higher ranking while leading to more customers, leads, and sales.

Here are a few reasons why quality backlinks matter significantly for your online business

  • They help boost a site’s Domain Authority (DA-MOZ), different key metrics and increase Trust Flow (Ahrefs).
  • Enhance the organic ranking for the product and the niche-specific or service-specific keywords in Google search results.
  • You get more visible with placement in the top search results.
  • You get more quality website visitors.
  • This translates to a higher clickthrough rate translating into more excellent conversion rates.

Not All Backlinks Are The Same

There is no single proven way to build backlinks in SEO. The fact is that a few SEO agencies also employ questionable tactics for advertising blogger outreach which only fetches low-quality inbound links. It not only improves a site’s authority but also boosts its organic traffic in the long term. The search engine algorithms are getting more and more complex over the years. These unnatural link-building tactics will undoubtedly lead to Google penalties. This is how Google treats websites that have a great deal of backlink manipulation. 

And due to this reason, some businesses are reluctant to pursue link building. They have possibly witnessed lasting damage due to the use of low-quality options at some point or another in time. However, white-hat link building is a simple content marketing strategy at its core and has excellent potential when done correctly. Not only do you want to build your site’s authority, but you also improve the keyword rankings. It drives organic traffic in the long run. Not only this, it can deliver a lot more than this. The most noteworthy point is that while Google penalizes bad links, it also rewards the best ones. They are high-quality links appearing naturally in original, valuable, and engaging content.

At Backlink Monks, we only use the best and the most compliant ways of link building, involving 100% organic outreach to give you high-quality editorial links in only the most authoritative niche publications. We implement the best custom link-building strategies to provide you with top-quality backlinks only on industry-relevant real sites to your industry and also have active audience engagement. Irrespective of whether you are a small business or an enterprise-grade organization, white-hat link building boosts your site’s growth for better visibility and gives you a higher market share.

Our team follows the highest standards for the websites we will target for outreach and backlink-building campaigns. We ensure that the chosen sites excel on SEO metrics like site authority, trust flow, organic traffic, and social media engagement. More brands like to collaborate with us as we offer them high-quality and valuable backlinks to boost their reputation on search engines.

Safely Boost Site Authority

We offer highly-powerful business backlinks. A majority of the SEO companies set a limit at DA 30. But, Backlink Monks reach a DA of 50-70+. It means we can go for better-quality links that are backed by a higher authority. You can trust us for improving your site authority using value-added & top-quality content we will create for posting for reputable niche publications. We’ll pitch to publishers organically and create original pieces of content, for example (blog posts, articles, press releases, etc.), which will get wholly indexed and shown in searches. You get high-quality content created after taking into account contextually-relevant anchor text that links to a website. We also ensure that it gets characterized by a one-of-a-kind style that matches the target publication guidelines. We will only build quality links present through the highest-quality content. With various levels of checks on relevance and quality, we create the best possible content. We make the content richer using media such as photos, videos, and gifs to give more value. We suggest making the content more useful for publishers and more engaging for the readers. And that’s why we ensure that it is SEO-optimized and can win the search performance and authority fronts.

If you notice other inbound link vendors focus on guest posting, we will walk the extra step to foster your relationships with the best publishers. Our content placements are entirely organic, and we do not go for sponsored tags or guest post attribution. Our editorial-driven strategy gives you topically relevant links to secure top search rankings for your site.

Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

What is meant by a Link Building Service?

A link-building service is related to processing, gathering, and securing quality inbound links from authority websites. A link-building service works to make a website visible to search engines and the users. An SEO company’s services involve building and optimizing links to a website to help it rank well in the search engine results. 

In what way will you earn secure and inbound links for my website?

We’ll create a strategic plan that helps you reach influential bloggers to get do-follow and inbound links for your website. We reach out to the bloggers of top websites and blogs manually to post your promotional content embedded with contextual links published on your website.

Do you employ any tools for link building, and which are those?

A variety of tools help to identify the prospects for link building for your website. All the tools we use comply with the latest technologies and offer you an advantage over your competitors.

How does a link-building strategy help my website's Pagerank?

The right strategy helps you to improve and maintain your website’s position in the search results. Remember that your competitors are also working hard to give you more significant traffic to enhance your business. It is truly a better strategy for your link-building projects and ensures that you do not end up being the last option.

What's the average time to get good outcomes with link building?

The results vary depending on the type of website, its authoritativeness, and other factors. All websites do not have an equally great authority or link profile. With a good strategy, it can take up to six months, at other times, even more, to show the results. But, the results reflect faster rather than slowly as we make more effort in the link-building campaigns while carrying out the latest updates.

What are External and Internal links, and how did you employ them?

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